Modern sevdah, by which the duo Dzenana and Dzenana are recognizable is a combination of classical music and sevdalinka, a combination of art and tradition. Dzenana and Dzenana are a duo that started working in 2020, they have a series of concerts and performances behind them, and they crowned their work in May 2021. with the album called "Sevdah i klasika" on which there are sevdalines performed in the spirit of classical music for which the classical arrangement was written by the pianist Dženana Šehanović Sarajlić and in a special way by the bel canto singing technique was performed by the soprano Dzenana Huseinagic. The album was released by Hayat Production, with the support of BKZ Preporod.
The fusion of these two musical genres is something new and unusual, and thanks to that sevdalinka has become popular in concert halls at classical music concerts.

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Dženana Huseinagić is a soprano from Tuzla, Bosnia and Hercegovina graduated with a Ph.D.  "Public Relations in Arts & Culture", world famous soprano Radmila Bakočević in Belgrade, Serbia. She led many concerts and recitals, held masterclasses and lectures regarding singing and vocal technique. In February 2018 she received the title of assistant professor at Music Academy Slobomir P. Bijeljina Bosnia and Herzegovina and in November same year she received the title of the corresponding member of Mianu Irasa (Belgrade, Serbia). She also worked on movie Tuzla 4K about Tuzla city history.
Dženana Šehanović Sarajlić (born 23 March 1991) is a Bosnian piano professor and a professional pianist. She holds a master's degree in piano performance. She studied music in Germany, Austria, Croatia, and her home-country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the age of fourteen, she was the youngest ever student to enter the Music Academy of the University of Zagreb, Croatia. She has given numerous solo concerts across Europe and Asia, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Norway, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Pakistan, United Kingdom and Quatar, as well as group performances with the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Zagreb Soloists. In 2010, on the basis of her fifteen international awards, Šehanović Sarajlić received the Rector's Award of the University of Zagreb. At the recommendation of the former President of Croatia, Stjepan Mesić, she additionally acquired Croatian citizenship.
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